GHAC Top 120 - 2004-2015

Hurdles Plus 400m
800 and up
Long and Triple Jumps
Girls 100/200
Boys 100/200
High Jumps


Records : The top one in each of these lists will, of course, be the record,
unless there are ties. (see MB shot put)

  • 2016 does not appear in the list. If you want to find out where you fit in, you have to take your result from this year and go down the list until you find your slot.
  • Individual throw records broken in 2016:Aidan Pauliw-MB Discus and Maddie Carrigan-SG Javelin (photo by Russ McLeod)
  • Individual hurdle records - both Brebeuf: Madison Shakeshaft-MG 80mH and Patrick Cupido- SB400mH
  • Relay records in 2016: Hayden JG-51.49 (Tonnos 2012-51.75) and STM JB-45.40 takes out the oldest record on file (QE Park 2004-45.90)
  • Sprint records in 2016: Ike Usifo of STM tied the JB 200 record in the semi.
  • High Jump: Quinn Hiemstra at 1.85 joined the group at the top of the SB High Jump.
  • Distance:
    • Stefanie Parsons and Emily Wesseling took out the previus best in the SG 1500 with Parson's 4:40.43 becoming the new standard.
    • Mackenzie Cameron is the new standard bearer in the SG 3000 with her 10:24.32
    • David Poloni and Liam Donnelly moved to #2 and #3 on the SB 3000 list splitting Ben Priesner
    • Donnelly moved to #3 on the 1500 list passing some guy named Romaniw