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Junior boys: I have adjusted the times for the first heat which ran the extra lap by subtracting 25 seconds from each time. The problem was that some of the timers had stopped their watches at the "correct" spot and so not all times had to be adjusted. I think it's pretty close to correct now.

Foot Tools Open Girls 1500:Bumped up from Junior at the last minute, Kate Harrison of Birchmount belied her inexperience by taking charge of the race from the start and leading the entire distance to win in 4:50.02. Late in the race with Percival, who had run the 600, fading,  Tallman made an impressive charge to close to within - well- check the pic. Impressive but too late. In her defense, she may have thought there was an extra lap - this being Copps and all...
Note you can enlarge the pic by clicking it.
Alistair Wyatt Open Boys 1500: With his photo on the home page of this web site for more than a week, Ryan Finn probably felt some pressure to perform well. If so, he didn't show it, calmly taking charge in the middle of the race and pulling away to win in 4:08.61. The story of the race was Thousand Island's Matt Leeder. Bumped up from Junior at the last minute, [notice a trend here?] he held off Quinte's Joe Brunsting with a gutsy performance to finish second in 4:10.59. His coach had said, "Get him in if you can - he needs a tough race like this". Not any more.
Matt millard of TISS was 4th behind Brunsting. This photo is from the morning heats and shows Brunsting leading with Millard(left) and Leeder in pursuit. You can enlarge the pic by clicking it.