Craig Kielburger SS Invite 2015 Photos/Videos

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Midget Girls:
Video: Midget Girls start:
MG Start
Midget Girls at finish

Junior Girls:
Junior Girls at 3 km

Senior Girls:
Senior Girls at 4 km

Midget Boys:
Midget Boys nearing finish (group 1)
Midget Boys nearing finish (group 2)

Junior Boys:
Junior Boys at 4 km
Junior Boys at finish

Senior Boys:
Video 1:Broekhuyse - Poloni at 4km Video 1
Video 2:Gallant - Tonneguzzi - Sunakski plus at 4km Video 2
Video 3:D'Alesandro - Sanchez plus at 4km Video 3
Video 4:Senior Boys at 4km Video 4
Video 5:Senior Boys at 4km Video 5
Video 6:Senior Boys at 4km Video 6

Senior boys at Finish: Senior Boys near finish
(missed the first 20 or so -read the course map wrong.) (Better me than them.)